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CKI.ART, founded in 1985 by Dr.Cinnker is an advocate of deep sleep systems. CKI.ART has long been committed to promoting the deep sleep of human health. It is the first professional brand to introduce environmentally friendly coconut palm coconut palm and Simmons health mattress. In 2013, CKI.ART mattress established Hong Kong R&D center to develop a sleeping bed suitable for Chinese people mattress.

Each Simmons mattress and coconut palm mattress of CKI.ART mattress returns to the essence of sleep, and is born to satisfy everyone's ideal sleep for the rest of their lives. CKI.ART mattress purchases natural materials that are compatible with human sleep from all over the world, and develops sleep products that meet different people in the world, and comprehensively solves people's needs for healthy deep sleep. Because of the professional, we have passed the product certification of Europe's extremely strict quality certification.